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At the beginning of the school year, one of my daughter’s classmates lost her mother to cancer. My interactions with the woman were few, but she exuded generosity and was a nurturing soul, committed fully to her family. I barely … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids About Death

In the early, most horrible days, a very trusted child psychologist gave me advice on how to reassure my daughter that she wouldn’t also lose me or her father. “Tell her that everything is going to be OK. Tell her … Continue reading

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This is For You, Newbie

Someone commented on my blog yesterday who lost their 2 year old only 2 months ago. They are also 30 weeks pregnant. I was at my daughter’s school and she was begging me to stop looking at my phone and … Continue reading

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Finding a Good Weaver

For your first pregnancy, I highly recommend getting pregnant at the exact same time as one of your very best friends in the world. Nothing is better than becoming a mother with someone who knew you from before your entire … Continue reading

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This morning I got on the elevator at work. A coworker I don’t know very well came in after me. She’s in another department and I really don’t know who does and doesn’t know about my situation, so I tend … Continue reading

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How are you??

I am constantly asked how I’m doing. How am I doing? I usually say “Fine”, “I’m here”, or my new one: I just ignore the fact that they’ve asked and I say, “How are you?” That one’s easiest. Here’s how … Continue reading

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