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Diet God

When your child is brain dead and you decide to donate their organs, there comes an actual moment when you walk away from them forever. They’re in the hospital bed, breathing (with assistance of a machine), heart beating (on it’s … Continue reading

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A Few Questions For The Pros

That’s right, this is for the pros; the people who lost kids a few years ago, maybe even 30 years ago. You’ve gotten pretty good at the whole grief thing. You go on vacations. You go out to restaurants and … Continue reading

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This is For You, Newbie

Someone commented on my blog yesterday who lost their 2 year old only 2 months ago. They are also 30 weeks pregnant. I was at my daughter’s school and she was begging me to stop looking at my phone and … Continue reading

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The Great Wean Of 2015

I walked up to the nursing station in the pediatric ICU and leaned against the counter. The nurse peered over her computer monitor at me. “I need to use a breast pump,” I said. This was probably the third time … Continue reading

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