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When I started this blog, I told myself I would write once a week. It is immensely therapeutic and it forces me to do something I enjoy, which is write. I missed two weeks in a row. Well, that’s not … Continue reading

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Going Back Home

My mother just turned 70 (apologies to my mother for putting that online). She had indicated she wanted to have a birthday party. She hasn’t had a real party in….I don’t even know how long. If you’ve made it to … Continue reading

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The proper protocol at work after losing a child is to notify HR within 30 days and remove them from your health insurance policy. A few months after Jay died, I went on my company’s intranet and looked up how … Continue reading

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A Trip

I just got back from a business trip. I used to like these things. The subject manner is usually mind-numbing, but I love my coworkers and it used to be a chance for me to get out of the day … Continue reading

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One of the best things about modern technology is the ability to track your entire life via photography on your camera phone. Take a tour through your iPhone’s camera roll and see everything you’ve done in the last several months, … Continue reading

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Class Photo

This is my daughter’s 3rd year at the preschool she attends. It’s a lovely school. One of the things they do each year is ask that everyone submit a family photo to be displayed prominently in the classroom. It’s one … Continue reading

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A few months ago I had to take my daughter into the pediatrician’s office for her 5 year shots. The doctor did a regular examination as well and I happened to remember a mole my daughter has between her toes … Continue reading

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Proof of What?

I sat in my therapist’s office several weeks ago talking about how so many parents of deceased children seem so sure that they will be reunited with their child in the afterlife. ┬áThe belief is so prevalent in these circles … Continue reading

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This morning I got on the elevator at work. A coworker I don’t know very well came in after me. She’s in another department and I really don’t know who does and doesn’t know about my situation, so I tend … Continue reading

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How are you??

I am constantly asked how I’m doing. How am I doing? I usually say “Fine”, “I’m here”, or my new one: I just ignore the fact that they’ve asked and I say, “How are you?” That one’s easiest. Here’s how … Continue reading

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